Conferences, Lectures

Papers Delivered

Boston, RSA (2016); 5 lectures, Louvre, Paris (September19 – October 9, 2016).

NYU, New York (April 2015); New York (April 2015, I Tatti Lecture); Zurich/Mendrisio (June 2015); Bucharest (June 2015);

Yale (February 2014); Wesleyan University (February 2014); RSA (New York, March 2014); Turin (keynote, June 2014); Clark Institute (September 2014); University of Munich (November 2014); 

British School in Rome (February 2013); Leiden (2013); Villa Medici, Rome (March 2013); I Tatti, Florence (June 2013); Bilgi University, Istanbul (September 2013); KHI Florence (November 2013);

Harvard, (April 2012); Harvard/Radcliffe (May 2012); KHI/MaxPlanck Florence, (June 2012); University of Rome, Tor Vergata, (June 2012); Politechnico di Milano, (May 2012); Perugia, (May 2012); CIHA Nuremberg, (July 2012); Kayseri, Turkey (Sept. 2012); U of Arizona (November 2012);

Columbia University, (September 2011); Harvard (October, 2011);

“Architecture and Science from Vitruvius to Galileo”, Keynote address in conference Vitruvianism. Its Origins and Transformations. Humboldt University, Berlin, July 2011.

“Florentine sgraffito Facades in the Renaissance” in conference The Textile Medium in Architecture, Past and Present, ETH and University of Zurich, Zurich, May 2011.

“Burckhardt’s lebendige Architektur, Warburg’s Nympha and the Dangers of Enlivenment in Architecture”, Keynote address in conferenceThe Secret Life of Artworks, University of Leyden, June 2010.

“Marble Objects: Architects Carving Stone from Michelozzo to Michelangelo”, in conference The Aesthetics of Marble, KHI Florence, May 28th, 2010.

“Palladio at 500” in conference Palladio Oggi: Palladio and the Present, GSD and Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York, May 2010.

“Materiality and Kleinarchitektur: the Economy of Scale in Renaissance Architecture”, IAS/Department of Art and Archaeology Princeton, April 2010.

Payne 6“The Poetics of Escape: Autobiography and the Invention of Modernism in Architecture”, in conference Historiography of Art and Literature, Cortona, May 2009.

“Croatian Ruins, White Cities and the Adriatic Imagination”, in Max Planck Seminar on Portable Architecture, Florence, January 2009.

“Florentine sgraffito façades in the Renaissance”, University College London, November 2008.

“Renaissance Periodization and the Materiality of Architecture”, Conference “Mal’occhio: Looking Awry at the Renaissance”, Courtauld Institute, London, November 2008.

“Portable Ruins: The Pergamon Altar and German Art History at the Fin de siècle”, Conference Das Mittelmeer: Poesie und Politik, KHI/Max Planck Institute, Berlin, July 2008.

L’architecture et le dessin”; “La façade a sgraffito”; “Architectures et micro-architecture dans la première Renaissance italienne,” Series of lectures at Institut National de l’Histoire de l’Art (INHA) and Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris, June 2008.

“Architecture et matérialité : l’historiographie”, Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Paris, June 2008.

“Beyond the Eye: Observing the Unseen in Mathematics and Architecture”, in Vision and Its Instruments Advanced Seminar, Radcliffe Institute, February 2008.

“Order and Disorder in Renaissance Architecture”, Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae, University of Chicago, November 2007.

“Architecture: Image or “Kunst der Zerstreuung”?, Keynote Lecture, Conference on Das Auge der Architecktur, NFS Bildkritik, Basel, September 2007.

"Heinrich Wölfflin and the Concept of Stilwandlung", in conference L’Idea di Stile, Cortona, May 2007.

“The Object as Event: Periodization, Aesthetics, and Portable Architecture in 19th-century Berlin”, HT+ Seminar, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, December 2006.

“Architecture, Ornament and the Culture of Objects”, Margaret Henderson Floyd Memorial Lecture in Architecture, Tufts University, October 2006.

“Neo-Baroque architecture and Baroque historiography from Burckhardt to Wölfflin”, in conference Rethinking the Baroque, University of York, July 2006.

“The Sixteenth-century Alberti as Collective Artefact” in session Writing About Art and Architecture: Authorship, Circulation and Publication” co-chairs Claire Farago and Francesca Fiorani, RSA 2006.

“From Gothic Shoe to objet type: Architecture from Wölfflin to Le Corbusier”, Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz, June 2005.

“Rudolf Wittkower”, in symposium Architettura e storia dell arte—un dialogo difficile, University of Rome and Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Rome, May 2005.

“Architecture, composition, biology and beauty in 19th century German Thought”. Colloquium on Das Versprechen der Schonheit, Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz, April 2005.

“Riegl, Architecture and the Culture of Objects”, Meeting of the Society of Architectural Historians, Providence, April 2004.

“Alberti and the Origins of the paragone Between Architecture and the Figural Arts”, Alberti 600th Anniversary Symposium, Mantua, October 2003.

”From Semper to Giedion: Modernist Architecture and the Rise of a Theory of Objects”; “Semper and the Nobility of Origins”; “Riegl,Kunstwollen and the Contribution of Volkskunde”. Getty Lecturer, Institute for Advanced Study, New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania, May 2003.

“Riegl, Folklore and the Art History of Objects”, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, May 2003.

“Vasari and the Gothic”, The Historical Imagination of Renaissance Art Symposium, Clark Institute, Williamsburg, June 2002.

“The Power of Objects. From Semper to Riegl and Beyond”, Duke University, April 2002.

“Text and Image in Architectural Books of the Renaissance”, Keynote speech, Book History and Print Culture Programme, University of Toronto, February 2002.

“Vasari, Architecture and the Origins of Historicizing Art", Harvard University, October 2001.

“Renaissance Figural Ornament: Theory and Practice”, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, October 2001.

“From Gothic Shoe to objet type: Modern Architecture and the Rise of a Theory of Objects”, Silberberg Lecture, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, November 2000.

“Domestic Architecture and the Modern Vernacular”, Plenary Speaker, Conference of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (SSAC), Toronto, June 2000.

"Renaissance Architecture and the Figural Arts: Conventions of Representation and Imaging.”, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, April 2000.

"Progress, Identity and Style: Architecture and the Origins of Historicizing Art", College Art Association, New York, February 2000.

"Ornament", Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, November 1999.

"Acts of Attention: The Triumphal Arch in Renaissance Architectural Criticism", School of Architecture, University of Waterloo, June 1999.

"Renaissance Ornament and the Architectural figura: Visual and Verbal Discourses", Harvard University, May 1999.

"The Ornamental Surface: Venetian Architecture in the Era of the Book", Amherst College, April 1999.

"Architectural Criticism and the Sciences in 17th Century Italy: The Case of Teofilo Gallaccini", Renaissance Society of America, Los Angeles, March 1999.

"Architectural Criticism and Visual Eloquence in the World of Galileo", University of Toronto, January 1999.

"Architectural Criticism and the Sciences in 17th Century Italy: The Case of Teofilo Gallaccini", Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, New York, November 1998.

"From ornatus to figura: Ornament in Sixteenth-Century Italian Architecture", Einstein Forum, Berlin, June 1998.

"Of Science and Art: Teofilo Gallaccini and Architectural Theory in the Republic of Letters", Scholars' Centre, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, November 1997.

"Architectural Theories of imitatio and the Debates of Language and Style", AAH Conference, Courtauld Institute, London, April 1997.

"La theorie des composites dans l'architecture italienne à la renaissance", Université Sorbonne, Paris May 1996.

"Architectural Bricolage and Its Metaphors in Italian Theory of the Renaissance", Centre for World Art Studies, University of East Anglia, May 1996.

"Architectural Books for the 18th Century Gentleman", Robert Adam and the Georgian Era ConferenceThe Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 1996.

"Mostri e mostrosita nella trattatistica architetturale rinascimentale", Disarmonia, brutezza e bizzarria nel Rinascimento Symposium, Istituto Umanistico Francesco Petrarca, Montepulciano, July 1995.

"Classical Literary References and topoi of Imitation in Renaissance Architectural Theory", Third Meeting of the International Society for the Classical Tradition, Boston University, March 1995.

"Building, Language, Text", University College, University of Toronto, March 1995.

"Renaissance Architectural Tectonics", Tectonics Forum, School of Architecture, University of Toronto, February 1995.

"Ut poesis architectura", Antiquity and Antiquity Transumed Conference, Toronto, March 1994. "Exchanges Between Formalist Readings of Renaissance Architecture and Modernist Theory", College Art Association, Seattle, 1993.

"From Spectator to Poet: Peter Eisenman and the Architectural Sentence", Brown University, 1991.

"From Spectator to Poet: Peter Eisenman and the Architectural Sentence", University of California at Riverside, 1991.

"From Complexity and Contradiction to Plain and Fancy: Venturi at Oberlin", Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, 1991.

"Poetry and Metaphor in Peter Eisenman's Wexner Centre", The Wexner Centre for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, 1990.

"A Walk Around the Column: Observations on the Meaning and Use of the Orders in the Second Half of the 18th Century", Department of Art, Oberlin College, 1990.

"Vasari's Vite and Ghiberti's Commentarii: The Artist's Autobiography as Mirror of Intent and Method", Conference of the American Association for Italian Studies, 1986.

"The Total Environment: Baroque Architecture in the Service of the Church" Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1986.

Conferences and Panels
Materiality and Modernism, co-chair, session at the Society of Architectural Historians annual meeting, Chicago, April 2015 (w. Robin Schuldenfrei, Courtauld Institute).

From Riverbed to Seashore: Art on the Move in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean in the Early Modern Period. Three international seminars (Split/Croatia; Harvard; Bucharest/Romania), Connecting Art Histories, Getty Foundation. 2013-15.

Revision, Revival and Return. The Italian Renaissance in the 19th century. International two-day conference, co-organizer with Lina Bolzoni, SNS Pisa. Villa I Tatti, June 2013.

Architecture as Object, CIHA (Congress of the International Committee of the History of Art), Nuremberg, July 2012; co-organizer with Georg Satzinger, University of Bonn.

Ornament as Portable Culture: Between Globalism and Localism, Harvard, April 2012; with Gülru Necipoğlu

Architecture as Object, Panel Chair, CIHA, Nuremberg, 2012.

Urban Artefacts: Triumphal Arches and the paragone between the Arts. Part II, Cortona, May 16-18, 2010.

Historiography of Art and Literature, Cortona May 2009, co-organizer with Maurizio Ghelardi (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa), and Sabine Frommel (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris). Review of conference Frankfurter Allgemeine, June 3rd, 2009, p. 4.

Portable Archaeology and the Poetics of Influence: Croatia and the Mediterranean in the Early Modern Period, Part II, Advanced Seminar, Max-Planck Institute, Florence, January 2009.

Portable Archaeology and the Poetics of Influence: Croatia and the Mediterranean in the Early Modern Period, Part I. Max Planck exploratory seminar in Split (Croatia), October 2008.

Architecture and Knowledge, Seminar co-chair with Antoine Picon, Humanities Center, Harvard University, 2007-on going.

Vision and Its Instruments in Early Modern Europe, Part II, Radcliffe Advanced Seminar, Harvard University, February 2008.

Vision and Its Instruments in Early Modern Europe, Part I, Max Planck Seminar, Kunsthistorisches/Max Planck Institut in Florence, June 2007.

L’idea di stile, Cortona May 2007, co-organizer with Maurizio Ghelardi (Scuola Normale Pisa) and Sabine Frommel, (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris).

Seeing Science and the Science of Seeing: Art, Medicine and Technology in Early Modern Italy, Renaissance Society of America 2006 Conference, Co-organizer with Federica Favino (I Tatti)

Architecture and Science in Early Modern Europe, co-chair with C. Anderson, Society of Architectural Historians Conference, Miami, June 2000.

Modernist Architecture and the Discourse on Ornament, Session Chair and organizer College Art Association, Toronto, February 1998.

The Architect's Bookshelf: The Library as Laboratory in the Renaissance and the Baroque, co-chair of CASVA Seminar, with Christy Anderson, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, December 1997.

Antiquity and Antiquity Transumed. Co-chair of interdisciplinary conference with A. Kuttner and R. Smick, University of Toronto, March 1994.